Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dreamy Dressing Room Part Deux

There is something somewhere that says if you think about it hard enough and dream about it long enough, it will come true.  In one of my very first posts on my blog I wrote about my desire to one day have a "dreamy dressing room" (see the original post here).  Funny enough, a year later...parts of my dreamy dressing room have come true.

My vanity is an old desk my husband kindly painted a cottage white for me to match the rest of our bedroom furniture.  As you can see it is perfect to display pretty baubles and jewels and even my new vintage silver hand mirror and brush have found a home.  

One thing I dreamed of was a beautiful lake view.  Sitting here looking outside at the beach, hearing the waves crash along the shore, and feeling the gentle lake breeze brings a sense of calm and serenity.  A dream come true to be able to enjoy Nature right outside my door!

The vanity aka desk houses an accessory drawer with plastic dividers organized with earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and other *fancy* things.  SHE loves to sit in the chair and open the drawer and look at all of the "pretties."  

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