Wednesday, August 8, 2012

DIY: *Fancy* Chain Bracelet

Chain bracelets are everywhere and I personally love the trend.  The look is very classy, timeless, and of course *fancy.*

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So when I saw this necklace at an art fair I scooped it up for $1.00!   I wasn't really intrigued by the necklace itself but instead the "bones" aka the chains.  I thought it would be super easy to tear apart and make into bracelets.

So I compiled my supplies and here is what you need (which you can pick up at any local craft store):
~chain...I used the necklace obviously
~jump rings and lobster clasp
~clamp jewelry tool

Step 1: remove the chain from the necklace using your clamp tool
Step 2: measure the chain to your wrist size...mine is about 7 inches
Step 3: using the clamp tool cut the chain to fit wrist

Step 4: attach a jump ring and lobster clasp to one end
Step 5: attach a jump ring to the other end
Step 6: Wear and Enjoy!

Here I am wearing the new bracelet layered with some of my other favorites.

I even had enough chain to make 2 bracelets and think they look great layered together.

Total project cost was $5 which is only $2.50 per bracelet.  Now that is what I call *fancy* DIY!

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