Friday, June 22, 2012

Morning Sunrise

Two posts in one day?!  I can't believe it either but I couldn't resist posting this picture.  This is the view of the sun peaking over the lake horizon, taken from our bedroom window this morning.  

Just as sunsets always remind me of my blessings, sunrises remind me to stop and enjoy the peaceful world.

"Sunrise offered a beautiful spectacle; the water was quite unruffled, but the motion communicated by the tides was so great that, although there was not a breath of air stirring, the sea heaved slowly with a grand and majestic motion." (George Gray)


  1. Hello Jenna..what lake are you living on? Are you from downstate?
    We are at Houghton Lake, and have been here for 11 years.
    I'm originally from Grand Rapids.

    1. HI Debbie-We live in Grand Traverse on West Bay, technically Lake Michigan Waters but protected by 2 peninsulas. My husband is originally from the area and I am originally from near Toledo. Thanks for stopping by!