Friday, June 22, 2012

Beach Waves Craze

Wednesday was the official first day of summer in honor I am going to talk about the beach waves craze.  Not the actual beach and sand but the hairstyle.  Beach waves are super sexy and super *fancy*.  The problem is, especially for a girl like me, I don't have a full time hairstylist or ocean salt water to create the look for me.  In addition, I have super straight (I mean poker straight) hair.  

So how do I get on board with the beach waves craze for straight hair?

I did what any normal girl would do...I turned to Google and Pinterest for ideas.  And there are an abundance of at home recipes out there to create your own simulated beach spray.  Some good "recipes" I found by clicking these links: or

But let's face it, I am skeptical...super skeptical.  I mean, can I really create *fancy* beach waves at home for fractions of the dollar?  So I tried it and here is what I did.  Side note: the ingredients cost me a total of $20 and can be found at your local supermarket.

Tip: Take a permanent magic marker pen and write directly on your spray bottle!  You can even add the directions for next time!  How to taken from directions at

Gosh my hair is long and don't you love my super amateur photos?!  Well prognosis is that this kind of worked.  Although it didn't create the waves I was craving, it did create some texture...which is always nice for a gal who has super straight hair.  I think I'll tweak the Beach Spray mixture a bit and if I find something that works better I'll definitely share the "recipe."  

Good news is I calculated that my beach spray cost only $0.75 per use!  That means I can make this 26 times!  Now that is something *fancy*!


  1. Great beach waves, Jenna!! I have a bob cut, with straight hair, but loved giving it some wavy texture! I like the loose long curls and the beach wave look, too!

    Thanks for popping by! Following you, too!

    1. HI Becky! I'm actually thinking about a bob cut...these pictures make me realize my hair is so long that maybe it is time for a change.

      Thanks and have a *fancy* weekend!

  2. Love it, thanks for breaking it down-My daughter is in love with that look- I will have her look at this- and try-..I can tell ya after ive been at beach-my hair sure doesnt look that great.
    THanks for stopping by my blog-Gracefully Vintage is on Facebook too.
    Look forward to coming back to visit.

    1. Karryann-I hope your daughter has had success! I've recreated this a couple of times since the post and have perfected the look a bit. Hope you have a *fancy* weekend!