Monday, June 11, 2012

How To Name a House

I have blogged about naming a house twice, seen here and here, and I think I've finally come up with a house name.  But first, I want to share my favorite website that I found while searching the WWW for the proper way to name a house and my deductive reasoning on how I came up with the name.

EHOW was beyond my favorite and provided 4 step instructions (summarized):
1. Look for noteworthy features like unobstructed sunset/sunrise views or geographical features such as hills, gardens, or bodies of water.
~noteworthy features: sunrise, water view, direct beach access
~geographical features: beach, lake, water, shore, bay
2. Write down descriptive words that strike you as poignant or accurate terms of your home.  Words like "shady," "peaceful," or "quiet."  Create a list of these features.
~descriptive terms: blue, peaceful, crashing waves, West Bay, Grand Traverse Bay
3. Create a second list that describes the house you are naming.  Like "villa," "cottage," "manor," or "bungalow."
~house type: cottage, lake house, villa, house, beach house
4. Combine descriptive words in different combinations that describe your home until you find one that describes your home and sounds good together.
~Sunrise Beach House
~Blue Bay Bungalow
~West Bay Cottage
~Quite Waves Lake House
~Finally deciding on:

Blue Shore House 

I call her Blue Shore for short but I think this name best represents and describes our house perfectly.  My husband thinks it is silly, I think it is charming...we'll see if the name sticks.  But I think that as time goes on Blue Shore will become the backdrop of lasting memories and special moments that will cement her name in history.

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