Tuesday, June 12, 2012

House Rules

Living on the beach I know we will be a hub for summer parties...entertaining and enjoying all Northern Michigan has to offer right at our back door large groups of family and friends.  When it comes to entertaining you need to set some ground rules, which I outlined in this 2011 post here.  The problem is how do you communicate expectations?  Solution found!  

Lately, I've been seeing *fancy* "house rules" signs all of the WWW and found some nice versions on Etsy.  (Click here to see what I am talking about).  However, I decided to make my own and personalize.

I'm going to take my PDF to a local copy shop, print it out on heavy card stock, frame it, and hang it up for all to easily see.  House rules made easy!


  1. Those rules are perfect for me too!!
    I think they would look wonderful framed!

  2. Thanks Tatiana! I'm going to post a picture next week of how it turned out so stay tuned. Have a *fancy* weekend!