Friday, April 29, 2011

English Literature 101

Today was the royal wedding and in honour I threw a breakfast tea party for my friends and I.  It was a success (my tea party and the wedding)!  Look for pictures next week!

In the meantime, all of the hoopla reminds me that I am a romantic at heart and what is more romantic than English novels with mostly happy endings. If classic literature were considered a design definition then I'd want my house to be "Jane Eyre'd" or "Charlotte Bronte'd." I love English and French cottages and how they are named-like the house is a personality all its own, a character in the book in its own right. I can just imagine the stories of houses called Les Manis or La Masionette or The Thistle Cottage or Canterbury Gardens or Thrushcross Grange. I'd want my design to somehow reflect these pretty pictures of cottages. I imagine my husband, my daughter and I running barefoot through fields of flowers, napping in our favorite tiny reading nook with the sun streaming in on our faces, playing hide and seek in the vines and picnics among the laurel hedges.

 A pretty French Cottage with lilacs

An English garden that seems worthy of only being written about in novels
 English cottage

A thatched roof adds a sense of history and romance
photo from Trek Lens

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