Monday, April 23, 2012

Marathon Monday

It has been 2 weeks since I have updated my progress.  Here is how I am doing:

April 10: 4 miles
April 11: 6 miles
skipped weekend of April 14...oops!
April 17: 3 miles
April 21: 5.5 miles
April 22: 18 miles

So I am starting to get back into the groove of running.  16 miles a few weeks ago really felt bad but 18 yesterday was much better.  I felt great between mile 1-14...lots of energy and keeping a 10:30 minute pace.  But at mile 15-18 I felt exhausted, slowing to an 11 minute pace.  At mile 15, I am no longer using my body to run, I am using my will power to keep going.  It is all mental but hopefully a few more long runs will prepare my body for the energy I need.  If not, I've always got heart.


Speaking of energy, here are a few things that keep me going: eating a good meal before runs, energy chomps, my favorite running app, and music.

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An hour before my 18 mile run I ate whole grain waffles and 1 cup of steel cut oats.  I honest to God think this helped fuel my body!  But this handy little picture above will be a nice reminder for what to eat.

GU Chomps Energy Chews - Single Pack (Flavor=Strawberry)
Running you lose lots of calories and in order to replace calories you've gotta eat!  My favorite are Gu Chomps.  They are the consistency of something like a gummy bear and actually don't taste that bad.  For my long runs, I eat one chomp at each mile.  You can find these at Amazon or your local running store.

I run with my husband's iphone and this is my favorite app by far.  It records distance, speed, length of time, pace, calories burned, and even can GPS your running route.  I even have it set up so that at every mile the app tells me what mile I am at and what pace I am tracking.

There are many different Internet radio options out there but my go to is Pandora.  Music distracts me from running and energizes me to run (if that makes sense!) and the fact that I can search a music type on Pandora to listen to is great.  You can pick what Pandora calls "stations" and search by music type, artist, or album and Pandora will automatically play that kind of music for you.  Currently I am listening to the station "David Guetta" as the fast paced music really gets me going.

5 weeks to go!!!

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