Friday, April 6, 2012

Before and After: Kitchen Peninsula

One of the first things about our house I didn't like is the kitchen.  It had this peninsula that jetted out at an awkward angle and it had upper cabinets above it that blocked the view.  It made the kitchen area feel really small and really cramped.  I am not a cook but I like a good kitchen so I pleaded to the hubby to get with my vision...tear out the upper cabinets, take out granite and lower cabinets, remove all the floors, cut granite, and that the kitchen will feel bigger and, to me, make more sense.

And so he got with the program and did everything I pretty much turned out perfect and I love it.  I can stand at the island and cook (aka heat stuff up in the microwave), watch HER play in the living room, and check out the awesome view of the water.

There are a few finishing touches, like baseboards around the bottom, but it is pretty much finished.  Just in time to have family over for Easter weekend dinner.

Happy Weekend!

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