Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Marathon Monday

Monday: 2.8 miles in 30 minutes
Tuesday: 3.9 miles in 40 minutes
Wednesday: 6 miles in 1 hour 5 minutes
Friday: 3.2 miles in 35 minutes in Chicago!

So I headed to Chicago for St. Patrick's Day weekend to celebrate my little sister's bachellorette party!  We had a wonderful time and I managed to fit in a run.  It was beautiful run along the Lake shore Trail.  Unfortunately I didn't get my long run in (too much green beer!) so I am going to make my 10 mile a 13 mile this weekend instead. 

Speaking of vacation, do you work in exercise into your vacation routine?  My husband and I think it is very important, especially to teach HER that just a few minutes a day will be a lifetime of benefits.  Plus I think a nice run in a place you aren't familiar with actually lets you see your surroundings from a different point of view.  You can enjoy the beautiful weather, admire architecture, people watch, and challenge yourself on a hill you didn't see coming.

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So no excuses....even on vacation!  Get out there and run!

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