Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Marathon Monday (on Tuesday)

A very sick baby the last 2 days made blogging, and well, pretty much everything else difficult.  I was still able to fit my runs in though thanks to my husband so here is what I logged last week:

Wednesday: 3 miles in 40 minutes
Thursday: 45 minutes Pilate's and 3 miles on treadmill
Friday: 45 minutes of Pilate's 
Saturday: 3 miles in 40 minutes
Sunday: 7 miles in 1 hour 20 minutes

All in all, another successful week but I figured out I need to get new laces on my shoes to loosen them up a bit.  That 7 miler gave me some small blisters so I need to fix the problem ASAP before it gets any worse.

So speaking of blisters, one of the key things I have noticed with running is what you run in.  The right clothes, accessories, and shoes will make all the difference.  My training schedule logs a total of around 420 miles, that is 16 marathons if you look at it in terms of racing lengths.  You'll be spending as much time running as you do at work so looking good and being comfortable are key.

Here are my go-to running clothing suggestions. 

SHOES: invest, invest, invest.  Go to a local running shop who are experts in fitting your feet to the proper shoe.  They'll look at your feet, your stride, your arches, your toes, everything to get you the proper shoes.  They are going to be expensive, but to me, the proper shoe is worth every penny!

PANTS AND SHORTS: buy a pair of good running shorts and if you train in the cold, like me, go buy a pair of nice running tights.  My favorite are a pair of Nike Filament Tights you can buy at Dick's Sporting Goods.  They are comfy and warm!

TOPS AND BRAS: Old Navy has some the best active wear around in my opinion.  Their GoDry and Compression fit active wear is light weight and moisture-wicking.  Another of my favorites is the Champion brand at Target.  Who says you can't look good while being active?

SOCKS: get blister resistant with some padding.  Trust me, it will save you feet and your manicure!

RUNNING PACK: This nifty thing secures around your waist and holds some necessities like chap stick, extra hair band, water bottles, etc.  My favorite is the Nathan Hydration Belts that includes water bottles for extra hydration.

OTHER: some type of light reflect ant material or runner's flash light, hats and gloves, and music.  Keeps you safe, keeps you warm, and keeps you entertained.

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And if all else fails, this helpful guide and advice above can narrow it down for you.

Happy running!

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