Wednesday, February 8, 2012

HOT for Headboards

So our new house has a huge master bedroom.  And when I say huge, I mean HUGE-like 20 ft x 20 ft HUGE!  The current bedroom furniture we have just won't cut it in our new room, it is going to look miniature in our new room.  So we finally broke down and agreed we need to upgrade and we'll definitely be investing in a king size bed and use the headboard as the focus of the room. Knowing how expensive headboards cans get a DIY project will be in our future.  Whatever direction we decide to go will be the catalyst to the design aesthetic for the rest of the room.  Now to decide....

HOT for these headboards:

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Should we go shabby chic and use reclaimed mantel as the focus piece?

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Should we go a little more romantic with a tufted headboard?

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Should we use some old pallets that we have to make a show stopping piece?

bedrooms - fun fabric headboard blue silk pillows art nightstand black lamp  Aspen chalet guest room  white brown green yellow headboard, blue
Or maybe we should go with a fun fabric headboard to bring in some pattern and color?

Maybe we should go with something multidimensional to create drama?

I'm leaning towards the pallet headboard.  One, because we already have pallets we can use and two, it would go with the whole European Nautical decor I've decided will be our new house theme.  I'll be using this blog as inspiration

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  1. Great post!! I love the first one!