Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Year and New Beginnings (A bit late, I might add)!

I have been quiet, actually quiet isn't really the right word, non-existent in keeping up with blogging.  I suppose the busy holiday season had lots to do with it but I have good reason why I have been hiding.

I can say that 2012 is starting off with some grand adventures, new goals, and some uncertainty!

You see, we sold our beloved house!  It's been in the works since December and we finally just signed on the dotted line.  As much as I hate leaving our house and the location, I have to say, we were able to sell for profit, which in this housing market is hard to do.  The thing that makes this decision crazy is, at this time, we haven't found another house to buy.  As one can imagine this is stressful, especially since we have HER to think about.  No worries, though, we won't be out on the street...we will be renting until the perfect house comes along.  And by perfect, I mean, perfect!  So far we've looked at probably 10 + houses...making offers on 2 of them but only to find out the next day, someone else out-bid us or the house is already under contract.  So we trudge on, keeping our hopes high that something turns up!  Until then I'll be blogging and Pinteresting home ideas and inspirations.

So what else is new?  Well, since it is still the beginning of 2012, I'm going to share my Resolutions:

1. Run a Marathon!  Yep, I signed up for The Bayshore Marathon and officially start my training today.  I'm going to start a new blog series called Marathon Monday's where I'll share track my training plan, the highs and lows of sticking to it, what I wore running, and provide some much need inspiration for myself and others.  All while continue to being a full-time working mom juggling moving and house searching!  What have I gotten myself into?

2. Blog at least 3-4 times a week!  Let's face it, it is time to be realistic about how much time I can commit to blogging.  Did you read the above?  Talk about spreading myself thin! 

3. Learn to Sew!  I am a novice at best and would like to take some classes to perfect and improve upon the basic skills I have.

4. Take advantage of my Sequined Sunsets!  And to remember that in the middle of the craziness of life, it is my moments with HER and HIM that are the most precious gifts.

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