Friday, October 28, 2011

Garage Update

MY HUSBAND IS AMAZING AND SO ARE ALL OF OUR FRIENDS WHO HELPED BUILD OUR GARAGE!  It isn't completely finished but we can park in it right now. 

Honest to God, Ben should have a show on HGTV.  We'd welcome the cameras! :)  See the progress below on my handyman's work:

Pre-concrete but the walls are taking shape and the trusses are going up.

A muddy and messy back yard is completely worth it!

Another view from the street.

Inside is actually quite big and will have tons of storage for all the baby stuff and the hubby's tools.

Concrete laid and the roof and shingles are on just in time for HER birthday party and for winter.  I am so happy to be parking inside and look forward to not scraping ice off my car every morning.

Next up is the garage door, electrical and siding.

Happy Friday and a safe weekend!

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