Friday, September 2, 2011

Dear Chrisitan Louboutin: Letter 3-Re Focusing

Dear Mr. Christian Louboutin,

I always think of my birthday as the start of begins, school starts, and the leaves are already changing colors.  While you are creating your shoes for Spring/Summer/Fall 2012 I am currently setting goals for the next year and I wanted to share those with you and the WWW:

1. build a garage
2. put $100 a month into HER savings account
3. try 2 new recipes at home a week
4. work out five times a week
5. stress out less
6. wear your shoes!

Pretty simple things but writing them down cements them in my head.  So an update on where I am at, 1 pound down...11 to go!  Have a wonderful long weekend!

Sincerely and most affectionately,

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