Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer To Do List (Edited)

No blogging for me on Friday...SHE was sick and we spent 2 hours at the doctors and then I just sat and being the over-protective mom (and I don't care) that I am, I watched HER sleep for 3 hours....just to make sure SHE was okay.  After HER long nap and some cuddle time, SHE was back to HER old self.  Crawling, laughing, and playing.  Thank God!

The rest of the weekend was great!  We did tons of laundry, planted the vegetable garden, had friends over for a BBQ, and finished some projects around the house.  I even cooked (gasp!)-vegetable barley soup which was perfect for the cold and rainy weather this weekend. 

So to start off this week, I am sharing my edited Summer To Do List seen below.  We've crossed some things off and added some items and I'm crossing my fingers we get them all done.

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