Tuesday, June 14, 2011

More Bathroom Displays (and the last, I PROMISE!)

 This is my last post (for awhile anyways) about bathroom displays.  In re-designing my living room I took out the bathroom display I had before and put it in my living room, leaving a big empty space in my downstairs bathroom. 
Above is what I had before.  Sorry no pictures of the empty space!

Anyways, I spent all weekend trying to figure out what to do and as the only bathroom downstairs and the main one guests use I wanted to create a place to display toiletries, soaps, and towels.  And I wanted to get it done fast since I have 6 people coming to stay with us in 2 weeks!

  I racked my brain and then I had a wonderful idea!  After some more basement cleaning I came across some wooden wine crates my hubby was using to store tools in.  I dumped the tools out, gave the crates a good cleaning, and then glued them off kilter using regular wood glue to come up with this:

Not only is it cute and functional but it allows me to take some stuff off the sink area for more counter space.

My favorite thing is I finally found a place to put my French ephemera (middle crate at far right) that I bought at TJ Maxx for $3.  It might be fake but I love it.

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