Monday, June 6, 2011

MY Bathroom Display

This weekend was a great weekend!  My husband and I celebrated 6 years of marriage, SHE figured out how to pull up to a standing postion, and SHE is starting to actually crawl.  Other than playing with HER and enjoying a wonderful date night, we got tons of housework done.  Painted some furniture, cut the lawn, cleaned and organize our basement, and finally ordered a new couch for the living room re-do.

While working on house projects I decided our bathroom needed some new organization.  Living in a 100+ year old house we don't have alot of storage.  Thankfully we have amazingly huge closets in every room but we lack on linen closets, a pantry, and a mudroom.  So creative ways to store stuff are a must.  In our bathroom we use a small bedside bookshelf as a place to put cleaning supplies and towels.  I've always hated it as our cleaning supplies are in full view and the wood is old and damaged so I decided to paint away!  And I also found a vintage vanity tray at a local re-sale shop for $20 to display some of our toiletries. 

I've been obsessed with bathroom displays as evidant on my recent posts seen here and here so take a look at my bathroom display.

The before.

The middle: the beginnigs of the vanity tray and a creative way to hide the cleaning supplies

Painted and complete.  I used Valspar paint in Seaside.  I love the bright blue.

A close up of the vanity tray.  Perfumes, my Tiffany's boxes, a picture of HER, some of my hubby's cologne and a pretty flower.

Another view.

I can't wait to show case my other projects: dressing chairs, new living room side tables, and re-porpusing some old windows.

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