Friday, May 20, 2011

What it all Means

Someone asked me the other day what Sequined Sunsets mean and why I named that my blog.  You, see, living in Northern Michigan is a very special thing, someplace only a special group of locals call home.  We have amazing beaches, water galore, beautiful land, and wonderful people. We get to experience every season to its fullest.  Amazing fall colors, snowy winters, wet and warm springs, and summers to die for.

Personally I love summer-when Traverse City becomes a place full of concerts, boating, beach time, and wine tasting.  But what I love most is the warm nights sitting on the beach with family and friends, drinking a few cocktails around a fire, and watching the sun set.  I LOVE SUN SETS!  It is my moment to reflect how blessed I am with a wonderful husband, beautiful daughter, loving family, and amazing friends.

My favorite part of a sunset is just before the sun reaches the horizon-the last moment of light before darkness- there is an explosion of brightness, like sequins bursting.  Thus the name of my blog.

A view of a sunset from West Bay

A pretty haze over the water just before dusk at Pyramid Point

The famous Cedarville sky

A pretty view at Frankfort

A boat ride skies lighting our way home.

So there you have it, I let you all in on my secret and I hope you all find your own Sequined Sunset.  Your moment to reflect on Life's gifts.
Happy weekend!

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  1. Hi Jenna, I love the name. Thanks for visiting my blog. xx