Thursday, May 19, 2011

Outdoor Showers

Ok, here is a story for you...My husband and I got married the same day as my twin sister and her husband.  We had 2 seperate ceremonies and one joint HUGE reception.  Crazy, right?  Well my husband and my brother-in-law are best friends so it made sense.  Plus we are twins and it made a good story-we were featured on-line and in the magazine section of Real Weddings for The Knot seen here.

Anyways, I can tell more about that story later but when we were planning our weddings our guys' favorite part was registering for presents.  They really enjoyed "the gun" and putting off beat things on the list like basketballs, grills, and tools.  The weirdest choice was my brother-in-law's by far: he wanted an outdoor shower. The topic was a constant joke during our planning and we had bets on if they'd receive it or not. (they didn't).  But looking back I'm not so sure it was a silly idea.  Especially when looking at these outdoor showers.

Mirrors, Towels, Bath Sponges and Robes for an Outoor Beach Shower

Cheerful Yellow-Striped Curtains Hang from an Outdoor Shower Built into the Corner of a Deck

A Climbing Vine Trellis Surrounds an Outdoor Shower

All photos at Coastal Living

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  1. Oh, my! I dream of having an outdoor shower, but first, I should move out of Canada! :-)


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