Monday, May 23, 2011

Meet Hazel

So I have a wish list with many wishes, like a healthy family, a good job, financial security, etc.  Included on that wish list are two "material" things that I've always wanted/dreamed of owning which are a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes and a dress form mannequin.  Both expensive and totally impractial....until this weekend one of those wishes was granted.

One place I frequently visit for inexpensive home goods (and clothes and shoes) is TJ Maxx and on my weekly visit there this weekend I ran into Hazel.  I was speechless and amazed!  There she was, a dress form mannequin that looked vintage just standing there so pretty and regal like I knew I had to have her no matter what the cost.  Also, I just couldn't believe my luck, especially when I turned over the price tag and it said $60.  ONLY $60!  I snagged her up and took her home where she now resides in my future sewing/craft room. 

So that is one wish crossed off my list :)! 

Meet Hazel-my new dress form mannequin!

She is so pretty!

The material is a nice thin cotton that feels like linen.  And I just love the pretty stitching.

All dressed up in a fur shawl and vintage necklaces

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