Thursday, May 12, 2011

My Favorite Room

My favorite room in the house by far is the nursery.  I really wanted it to be the perfect mix of shabby chic vintage but with the modern necessities and it took all of the 10 months I was pregnant to make it perfect.  Before SHE arrived I would sit in the rocker and imagine rocking HER to sleep and what SHE'd look like sleeping in the crib.  Today, it brings me so much joy and happiness to walk into the room each night to kiss HER goodnight and see HER smiling face in the mornings.

The dresser was given to me from my mom.  It was in my nursery too!
I handmade the pinwheel mobile to match the quilted bedding I bought off for a steal!

 A vintage wicker shelve unit displaying special gifts like the Royal Dalton dolls from her Grandma.
A pottery bowl Daddy made when he was little, a pretty watercolor from an estate sale, and vintage silver baby spoon and fork passed down from Great-Grandma's collection.

Framed flower posters from my mom that add to the shabby vintage feel.

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  1. The Nursery is delightful, a lovely mix of vintage treasures. Delcie