Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Grey & White Stripes

I don't know about anyone else but I am not a collector by choice but rather by accident.  For example, I accidentally have a collection of brooches, rosaries, and gray & white shirts.  On a recent closet organization is when I realized my affinity for this classic combination and wondered if I should take it as a sign.  Maybe the world is telling me I should decorate one of my rooms with gray & white stripes.  But the questions are:

1.  Which room?
2. Horizontal or Vertical?
3. Paint or Wallpaper?

This is going to take alot of thought......

Less than half of my gray & white shirt collection

The horizontal stripe makes this room much bigger than it probably is
Perfect stripes for the perfect cottage guest room
stripe with metalic edging 300x225 Wall Stripes
Not only do the ceilings look super high but the stripes lend a bit of visual interest to an otherwise plain room.


  1. I like stripes on one wall but not sure about on all walls in a room.
    I also have a thing about gray and have used a lot of gray in my showroom as it is a colour that I adore.

    Leeann x

    p.s. merci beaucup for stopping and leaving a comment on my blog :-)

  2. Hi I just stumbled across your blog. And I just painted a wall gray and white striped and LOVE it. I did vertical but both look neat. Stripes look nice in the bedrooms above. I did one wall in my living room and when I lay on the sofa and look at the stripes I get all dreamy. Off to search around to see what where you are at with the project!