Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How To: Wall Earring Display

As most women out there I love jewelry and own tons for all occasions.  When in a recent organization mode of my closet I decided I needed to arrange my earring collection as well.  Before, they were just haphazardly lying in a box and now they are attractively hung on my closet wall.  Thanks to my super awesome hubby for putting it together for me!

Here's what I used:
1. decorative wall screen I bought at Lowe's for $20
2. 6 nuts
3. 6 bolts.-I used 2 inches length with a rounded head
4. 6 washers
5. 6 bolt anchors
6.  A screw driver or drill

Here's what my hubby did:
1. found studs in the wall
2. pre-drilled holes in wall
3. placed nut behind the screen
4. placed a washer in front of screen and behind bolt head
5. drilled the bolt into the wall at pre-drilled hole

Tips and tricks: I used extra thick nuts to allow the screen to sit away from the wall.  That way I can easily insert my earring loops into the screen without any problems.  Also, we put 4 bolts at each corner and 2 in the middle to allow for extra rigidity.

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