Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Top 6 *Fancy* Fall Pieces

Oh...Fall.  I have been thinking about you lately and all of the things I want to wear.  2012 is definitely full of some *fancy* trends... like the color oxblood, metallic, baroque patterns, polka dots, and modern basics. (Don't you just love the word "oxblood" by the way...sounds so dangerous but so chic!).

In keeping with fall here are my top 6 *fancy* fall pieces.

1. A very cute moto-jacket in oxblood that would literally go with every single thing in my closet. 
2. Peplum tops are ingenious.  I've always been "hippy" so the cute little flare will help camouflage my problem area without sacrificing style.
3. Baroque and metallic are paired perfectly in this pencil skirt that I would wear on New Year's Eve.

1. I am obsessed with booties and the fact that these have sequins pretty much makes this a done deal.
2. Leather like leggings....need I say more?
3.  I love polka dots and would pear this dress with tights and boots, leggings and flats, or pretty heels for a night out.

What are your top *fancy* fall pieces?

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