Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cable Deck Railing

This is the back of our house and you see those 2 middle decks, lower and upper?  Well, they are gone!  So is the deck on the lower left side. 

Our poor little house was uncared for so long that the wood had become rotten, paint was chipped, and pieces were falling apart.  So we are giving Blue Shore a much needed face lift!

Plans and development are starting to be thought of and my husband and I are really focusing in on trying to preserve our view as much as possible.  I mean who wouldn't want to look out at and see this everyday?!

So we thought cable railing would do the trick nicely and *fancy* Blue Shore up a bit.  Cable railing is safe, easy to upkeep, and still lends itself to a pretty view.  The proof are in these *fancy* photos below:

Pinned Image
A wonderful outdoor dining space flanked by a beautiful deck.

An up close look at how the cable railing doesn't restrict the water views.

I also like the look of what I call "chicken wire" cable.  A bit more dense and maybe a bit more practical.  Especially with a 2 year old running around who thinks throwing things off ledges is super cool.

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What is there not to love?  A stunning view right outside your door!


  1. Your house is going to look amazing. Love the cable railing - perfect that it won't obstruct the view which is unbelievable!!

    1. Thanks! We are excited to start...now it is just deciding on what kind of material to use...wood, cedar, or a composite. So many decisions!