Friday, June 1, 2012

Make Your Own Mojitios with *Fancy* Flavored Water and a Free Printable!

Earlier this week I hosted a girl's night called "Make Your Own Mojito Madness with *Fancy* Flavored Water."  We had a lovely time and I must say the mojitos were a hit!  So I thought I'd share my Mojito Madness recipe with you...sorry I don't have too many pictures!  If you read my blog, you know how bad I am at that ;)!

Step 1: Make flavored water!
~I bought these super cute small pitchers at the Dollar Store for $1 each and filled them up with water.
~Then I cut up different ingredients like lemons, limes, cucumbers, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries,  and pomegranate and added them to the pitchers above.
~I "steeped" them over night in the refrigerator and the next morning they were flavored water!
Step 2: Make tags and a how-to sign like these below. 

Click on this link for your FREE printable of the tags and directions.  Just print off, cut out and enjoy for your party!

Step 3: pre-make the mojito mix (sorry no pictures). 
What you need: pitcher, limes, sugar, lime juice, fresh mint, club soda water.
~cut up the limes and combine all ingredients in the pitcher
(sorry I don't use measurements, I use taste but here is a good recipe at EHOW FOOD for those who need measurements)
~muddle together and refrigerate

Next Day Step 4: Make *Fancy* Flavored Water (sorry no pictures again)
What you need: your flavored waters and the SodaStream (at Target).
~Fill your SodaStream bottle with flavored water but be careful to not put any of the seeds or food in the bottle!
~Fizz it into *Fancy* flavored water and re-pour into the pitcher
~Add your tag to the pitcher to identify the flavor easily
~Repeat for each flavor

SodaStream Fountain Jet Black/Silver Soda Maker Starter Kit.Opens in a new window

Step 5: Set up your "Make Your Own Mojito" Station

~Setup each tagged *fancy* flavored water pitcher behind a bowl of the same ingredient.  For example, the pitcher of raspberry *fancy* flavored water was set up behind a bowl of raspberries.  Super cute and fool-proof for your guests.

~Be sure to have your how-to instructions out for your guests to follow!  I framed mine for some extra *fancy.*
~Have extra sugar, soda water, fresh mint, plenty of ice, plenty of rum, some stirrers, spoons for muddling, and glasses on hand.

Step 6: Make Your Own Mojito and enjoy!
I cannot believe I didn't take a picture of the final product!  I guess I was too busy hosting but I promise it was delicious.

With summer now in full swing I am sure parties are filling up your calender.  I love hosting parties and think the key to a good experience is finding a way to get your guests involved.  Whether it is a game, a cocktail station, a burrito bar station, costumes, etc. putting your own touch and going the extra *fancy* mile will ensure your summer soirees are ones to remember.

So happy planning and hope everyone has a *fancy* weekend!

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