Friday, May 11, 2012

Finding The *FANCY*

It is time to get real.  And by real, I mean, real.  I have been blogging about a year, trying to find my niche in the WWW and blog land.  I've struggled.  I have tried many things and stopped many things (like Wednesday Wish) and I've even not blogged for whole weeks at a time.  My new year's resolution was to blog 3-4 times a week but it is hard to blog when the content you are writing about isn't feeling 100% you.

And then something happened, yesterday in fact.  I was reminded of what I like and it was all because of this picture of my beautiful baby girl, my sister Rachel, and my friend Stefanie.

I posted the picture on Facebook and Rachel commented "Why such a fancy dress?"  Stefanie replied "Rachel-do you remember your sister is fancy!"  Then I got to thinking, they are right...I like fancy.  And for some reason, God only knows, I was thinking about marshmallows and I thought to myself: "Marshmallows are fancy."  (Thus my post yesterday was born).  Then I kept thinking, "If I can find the *fancy* in marshmallows I can find the *fancy* in anything!" 


That's it, that is why I've been blogging this whole time...I'm trying to find the *FANCY*.  I mean I'm a sucker for obscenely huge jewels, pink and gold, lace and frills, sequins-sequins-sequins, Christian Louboutins, and other *fancy* things.  But, in reality, *fancy* isn't just things, it is life too.  For example, I *fancy* time with my husband and baby, I *fancy* reading books, and I *fancy* decorating my house.

So to summarize my rambling post I am going to start writing content about how I find the *FANCY* in everyday things and hope you'll stop in everyonce in awhile to get *FANCIFIED*.

Let the*FANCY* flow.

(and thanks to my baby, Rachel, and Stefanie for helping me find the *FANCY*)

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  1. LOL! I guess I am a "fancy" girl too. Glad you have found your sweet spot out in Blogland.