Wednesday, May 16, 2012

*Fancy* Wedding Braids

My little sister's wedding is in 3 days and I've been debating some different hair options.  I am just loving braids right now (5 out of 7 days a week you'll see me with some type of braid in my hair) and am so happy there are some *fancy* options out there like these:

Messy braid
I am loving this look of a sexy messy side braid with volume

Not only does his version look great from the front but the back too.  And I am love with the mix of knots, braids, and volume. 

My hair for the wedding<3
Another option is soft curls with a braided headband.

knotted ponytail
Another knotted ponytail look.  Not alot of braids but it could be incorporated somehow I think.

Braids. braids. more braids.
via @Kortnee Barnes
I love this look but it might not be appropriate for a bridesmaid.  For a bride, YES!

I'll share some pictures of what I decide but right now I am leaning towards a side braid with lots of volume and messy-ness.  Now off to the wedding. 

Have a wonderfully *fancy* week!

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