Friday, May 4, 2012

Before and After: Wood Floor Transformation

I just realized I never posted pictures of our floor transformation!

Here is what our house looked like before....carpet and tile...lots and lots of tile!

For awhile we contemplated installing white washed wood floors but ultimately decided on dark.  We got a great deal on Bamboo Stranded floors, which are super durable.  So thanks to my hubby's amazing handy work, a few friends and family to help, and a quite alot of beers we are now living happily with updated floors.  Here is the progress:

Carpet gone!

Starting to take out the tile.  We ended up having to rent a jack hammer to take this stuff out which created a dust storm in our house.  I am still cleaning it up :).  Oh, and poor kitty was not very happy with the mess.

First few rows installed.  Bamboo is super easy to install using's messy but easy.

More progress and a little helper.

Living room done...we used tape to help hold the boards together tightly as we transitioned across the floor.

Getting close to being done.  This part took the longest due to the intricate cuts we had to make along the way.

View of the almost finished kitchen (the hole is where the dishwasher goes).

Kind of moved in!  This was from a few weeks ago so our living space looks much cleaner now.

Happy Weekend!

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