Thursday, February 16, 2012

More White Floors and Pinterest

I have a love/love/hate relationship with Pinterest.  As we about to embark on another house transformation Pinterest has been my source for inspiration in home design.  Goodness, I just love LOVE that I can find thousands and thousands of ideas but I also hate that I can find thousands and thousands of ideas on Pinterest.  How do you choose just one when there are so many good ones out there?

Like white floors which I blogged about last week, there are so many good options and Pinterest just feeds the inspiration....

 Pinned Image
So do you go all white?  Is this even practical with a baby running around?

Pinned Image
If not all white, do you then can add subtle neutrals?  Like my new favorite paint color: greige?

Pinned Image
Perhaps, do you go the modern route with natural wood and metal accessories and accents?

But then there is always the complete opposite of white floors...dark floors with white in other places.

Pinned Image
Like this pretty room with natural wood floors that allow the white washed walls to steal the show.

Pinned Image
Or maybe go very dark floors that perfectly complement the dramatic white walls, furniture, and accessories...and that view!

So does any one else see my dilemma....these are all beautiful and perfect how do you choose just one?

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