Monday, February 20, 2012

Marathon Monday

Wednesday: cross-training (skiing)
Thursday: 4 miles in 45 minutes
Saturday: 3 miles in 35 minutes
Sunday: 9 miles in 1 hour and 40 minutes

This week was a little rough, that 9 mile run exhausted me last night, putting me to sleep by 8:30pm and missing my favorite new show "Downton Abbey."  But I did it, I kept to my training schedule and worked it into my busy/hectic weekend.

So this week's blog will be focused on WHY?  Why do you want to run a marathon?  Some people do it to set personal records, to help lose weight, to win, or because they like to run.  Jokingly, my reasoning is a momentary relapse in judgement.  All kidding aside, I suppose one reason I want to run 26.2 miles is to prove to myself that I can push my body and mind to the fullest maximum potential.  When I was younger I had exercise induced asthma and even running 1 mile killed my lungs.  It wasn't until 6 years ago when my husband signed us up for a 10k and we trained together that I realized I can control my asthma with proper training.  Since then, I've done random races leading up to last year, my longest ever, I did the half marathon to help kick start the post baby weight loss.  I figure, if I can run 13.1 miles who says I can't run 26.2?

So, I'm not looking to set a PR or to win the race, my goal is to JUST RUN and cross that finish line feeling strong and feeling like I've accomplished something I never thought possible.  My goal is just to say: "I DID IT! I FINISHED 26.2 MILES!"
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4 weeks down, 10 more to go!

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