Wednesday, November 2, 2011

REUSE: An Old Window

Don't you just love when you have that AHA moment!  I had that a few weeks ago when I finally figured out how to reuse an old window and turn it into a cool picture frame!

Because we have a baby picture frames and home accessories don't make much sense to sit on places SHE can reach.  Because trust me, SHE reaches for everything!  So I wanted to come up with a way to display photos and knew that this old window would be a cool way to show off our family photos, I just didn't know how to execute.

And then the AHA moment!
I printed off a bunch of black and white 5x7 photos at a local Rite-Aid, grabbed some photo corners that a person normally uses for scrap booking and stuck them to the outside of the frame, and inserted each photo.  Result: awesomeness! 
The best part is that I can easily change the photos!  So I can constantly show off HER cuteness!

Total cost for the project:
~old window: free
~photo corners: $5 (I got mine at Target)
~pictures: $15.00

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