Thursday, August 18, 2011

Most Beautiful Place in America

I've blogged before about how much Traverse City inspires me and the reasons why we live here.  I feel extremely lucky that I get to call this place home, raise my daughter here, and enjoy all of what Northern Michigan has to offer.  Sometimes it seems as this place, I call home, is a secret part of Heaven I share with my neighbors, friends, and residents.  However, the secret is out, and it has been for sometime...

What I mean is, if you haven't heard ABC's Good Morning America recently held a nationwide contest that allowed people like you and me to vote on the most beautiful place in America.  Included in that list of 10 places is the Sleeping Bear Dunes which you can read more about here, and guess what?  Sleeping Bear Dunes won!  See the article here.

So I must say, I am proud to be a residant of Northern Michigan and that people recognize why we live here.  I personally have been there several times as it is truly one of the world's greatest wonders.  Even Mario Batali thinks so!

Here are some pictures of my many visits here but I can tell you honestly, pictures don't do it justice.  It is one of those things you just have to see for yourself!

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