Thursday, July 28, 2011

Navy Walls

So my next project is our 4th bedroom.  The bedroom has navy walls and knowing how much I hate to paint I'm keeping the color.  But I love is my go-to color right after black.  It is classic and preppy, pretty and casual, and just works in home decor to add a bit of drama without going overboard.

Currently the room is a guest bedroom but will eventually become HER room as SHE gets older.  So my conundrum is how to make the room grown-up but kid enough to satisfy HER.

So these pictures below have helped me narrow down a plan and here is what I'm thinking:

~paint existing furniture white
~pick a contrasting color to accent
~decorate with navy accessories to tie it all in
~decorate with "girly" accessories to give it some personality

The hardest part of all of this is thinking to myself that SHE is going to get bigger fairly soon for HER own big girl more nursery!  Gosh, how time flies!

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