Friday, July 29, 2011

Another Etsy Peak

Thank God it is Friday!  This weekend I'm looking forward to spending time with HER as the hubby is out of town for a guy's weekend.  We have dinner with my in-law's tonight (yes, I love my in-laws, aren't I lucky?) and then tomorrow we'll go to the farmer's market and watch the movie "Tangled" shown at the big screen at the Open Space Free Movie for TC Film Fest

Did I forget to mention the Film Fest....7 years ago, Michael Moore started a small festival of movies in our little town and today it has grown to be a hugely popular and town has been buzzing.  It is great to see so many people helping our economy in Traverse City!

So besides that I'll be finishing up some Etsy projects to be featured by Monday but here is a sneak peak.  I am working on some water colors, lavender sachets, and a few other ideas that I hope to get done but we'll see!  Have a great weekend!

Ballerina sketch in marker and charcoal

Birch sketch in marker and charcoal

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