Monday, June 20, 2011

Rules for Entertaining Weekend Guests

Summers in Traverse City we don't travel, we refuse.  I mean we get about 3 months out of the year to really enjoy the weather, the beaches, boating, and being in town.  And because we live in a vacation destination we constantly have a rotation of people staying at our house.  In fact, this weekend we have 11 people coming to town, 6 of which are staying at our house and the rest at a rented cottage!

When out with friends I was telling them I don't know how to be a good hostess, even after all of these years of summer guests.  Being that most of our friends are in the same boat we are (new baby and constant family in town) we made some of our own rules on how to entertain summer guests while drinking probably too many glasses of wine ; ).

1. It is okay to set a time of arrival and departure, otherwise people will stay as long as they please.
2. Make sure the house is clean and while guests are there ask them to help keep the house clean.  Especially guests with is okay to ask them to clean up the toys.
3. Take advantage of all TC has to offer-beaches, downtown, and wine tasting.  These are no fail ways to entertain your guests.
4. paper plates, plastic silverware, and plastic cups are totally acceptable
5. have your fridge stocked and it is okay to ask for money to help pay for groceries
6. Have a plan if it is raining
7. it is okay to ask for gas money, especially if you are using your boat
8. tell your neighbors about your family in town...they will appreciate the notice and forewarning of late night get together and the extra cars.
9. have fun and be thankful your friends and family want to visit you.
10. it is totally acceptable to have a cocktail in your water bottle instead of water

So, I know what you are thinking: our rules don't follow the normal etiquette and some of them, are well, probably a bit of a faux paus (like number 10)!  That is okay, this is what works for us and this is our vacation too, right? 

 So I have to know, what are your rules for entertaining weekend guests?

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