Friday, June 17, 2011

Blog Band Wagon

My husband is on the blog band wagon! 

We have a large living room that is kind of cut in half use-wise.  Sorry no pictures to show you, I'm really bad at this. ; )  Anyways, one side is where we watch TV and the other side we have designated as HER future play area.  We've been racking our brains how to make this "other side" adult friendly and kid friendly.  A place where she can play until HER heart's content but also a place that would provide some space for adult entertaining.  In this "other side" is this really weird nook that I always thought would look really cool with some built in shelves and some storage. So my hubby has been searching for some inspiration on the WWW and here is what he sent me.

So I owe this post all to him and am officially in love with this idea of a stylish seating solution with some storage underneath.  Perfect for us and HER.  Future weekend project in the works!

Kitchen seating area

And since I owe this post to him I must say Happy Father's Day!  You are the most wonderful father to our beautiful baby girl and I thank you so much for loving us SSSSOOOO much.


Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful Dad's out there!

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  1. Great! Definitely, I liked the seat arrangement. It was so clean and stylish.

    Lydia "How to Hem Pants"