Tuesday, May 3, 2011


This weekend got me thinking on how to add some detail on a budget and the dining room has always stuck out in my mind.  It is a work in progress.  Last year, I sold our black dining set and used the money to buy chairs off of CraigsList for $100 which I recovered for only $50.  My incredibly handy husband then built a lovely table (yes, he built it!) using oak, mahogany, and a pretty nautical inlay.  I think it turned out amazing!

So with the dark walls and dark table set, I really want to brighten it up without having to re-paint every surface and I thought adding white wainscoting would add a touch of class and lightness.  (Side note*  If you learn anything about me, learn this: I hate painting and will do anything to avoid it).  These pretty rooms only add to my desire.
This makes the small room seem bigger

A dreamy cottage feel from House Beautiful

Wainscoting - Decor Mouldings - Toronto by decorgroupinc
simple and tasteful
Flickr via decorgroupinc

dark walls brightened up-just what I want
5 Minutes Just for Me

In one word: Elegant
5 Minutes Just for Me


  1. I think white wainscotting will really make it seem like a formal dining room and set off your table and chairs perfectly. (BTW I came here from a beach cottage comment section)

  2. Wainscotting injects a room with heaps of glamour. Love it. Amber