Monday, July 2, 2012

*Fancy* Party Essentials

In a few weeks we are throwing a beach party and I'm already making a list of items I need.  Here is what I am stocking up on...

1. A large drink dispenser makes serving a signature drink easy.

2. Disposable serve ware doesn't have to be boring!  Go with a color theme and play with patterns.  I know these aren't entirely good for the environment but keep a separate garbage can for paper products so you can recycle later.

3. Keep beverages cool in style with a galvanized bucket.

 4. For a kid friendly party be sure you have shade options, especially for napping babies!  A pop up beach tent is perfect.

5. My tip is using water-proof heavy duty plastic tablecloths as beach blankets.  They keep the sand at bay and food contained so bugs aren't crawling around later.  Just lay your towel on top to keep cool. For the cost I don't mind just throwing this away at the end of the night.

6. Bugs and accidental fires at the beach?  No thank you!  That is why I stock up on flame less bug repellent candles.  If you have little ones running around these are especially useful and safe.  Plus you don't have to give up the ambiance candles provide.
7. July will be filled with fireworks displays and sparklers are always entertaining for family fun.  Obviously check your state laws and fire bans before using.  And be smart people!

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