Tuesday, July 10, 2012

*Fancy* Bows

In high school I constantly wore pony tails with hair bows-I think it had something to do with being a cheerleader but I always thought hair bows instantly made everything ultra feminine.  You should have seen my collection of hair ribbons....it was huge and super *fancy*.  I wish I still had it.

Even today, in my 30's, I still think a bow somehow can make a boring ponytail chic or a plain t-shirt instantly fun. 
bows bows bows..
Like this pony is instantly more *fancy*
Feminine Bowknot Navy Blue Shirt
And I am seriously loving this shirt, a little bit nautical with girly bow detail.

But bows don't have to just be about how you wear it, it can be how you use it too.

Bows. Bows bows bows
Lovely curtains are made more special with bows.

bow bow bow..
And presents are made preppy and pretty with bow ties

Parties are even made more special!  Great inspiration for a party with bow details...possibly for HER next birthday?

I'm off to tie a bow in my hair now!  

Have a wonderfully *fancy* and bowtiful day!

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