Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Marathon Monday-THE Marathon

So it is official, I am now 1% of the population that has completed a marathon.  I completed the marathon in 5 hours 19 minutes, a little slower than I had hoped but for me it wasn't about the time, it was about finishing.  And finish I did, bawling my eyes out as I crossed and saw my baby's arms reach for me and my husband's congratulatory hug.  It was very emotional, not only because I was mentally and physically exhausted, but because I had completed the goal I set for myself almost 8 months ago.


So here is the breakdown of all 26.2 miles:
1-16 miles: I felt great and was at a 10:30 minute mile pace.  The weather was perfect, I was consistently drinking water and eating my energy chomps.
16-20 miles: These 4 miles I started slowing down.  The weather got warmer and my body was tired but mentally I was pushing my way through.  I kept going and kept running.
20-22 miles: I have to be honest, I was hurting.  Every part of my body hurt and I could feel every pain...even in my pinkie toes. 
22-24 miles: Holy crap!  This was the point that my body stopped listening to my brain.  I kept telling myself to keep going but my legs wouldn't respond.  The pain in my body and the exhaustion was like nothing I ever experienced before.  I ended up walking and then running just to keep my legs from not buckling from underneath me. 
24-26 miles: I rounded a corner and I saw my husband.  He had completed the half marathon and was meeting me for support.  And Lord only knows, how much I needed it at that point.  Everything in my body wanted me to stop but I knew I would finish and his extra support those last 2 miles was everything I needed to pick it up and keep going.  It is at this point, you realize, nothing can make you give up, you've gone this far, you know you can keep going.

The last .2 miles: Yes, here I am with a smile.  At this point, I saw a large group of friends cheering me on and I saw my baby girl waving HER arms.  I knew that nothing would stop me from crossing.  And when I finished, every emotion and pain came to a head, this was an accomplishment I will never forget.  It makes you realize that your body can do anything you put your mind to and is much stronger than you yourself even know.  I have to say, that is pretty d@&$ *Fancy*!

So to end my Marathon Monday's, I leave you with this anedocte and hope it inspires you to get out there and run.  Because pain is only temporary, it is finishing the challenge and the will to succeed that lasts a lifetime.

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