Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Etsy Peak

You know those personality tests you took in elementary through high school that supposedly told you what career you were supposed to pursue? Well, mine always ended up as an "artist" or "english major." Today, I am a full time working mom who does nothing in the creative fields. Until now, art and creativity were something I just did on the side. So as an obsessed Etsy fan, the opportunity Esty gives people like me to sell their product to the masses, and the nudge of my husband, I am finally stepping in with two feet.  (also can preview my Etsy shop which explains the same sentiment here but there is nothing for sale...yet!).

So this is what I've been doing....creating in between spending time with HER and my husband, working full time, getting together with friends, going to my new pilates class 2 times a week, still running 4 times a week, and trying to keep up with the other house projects.  It's funny how just the past month really focusing in on creating as re-energized me, you think I'd be tired but I'm not.  Although I am last night I didn't eat dinner until 10pm!  After SHE went to bed I spent the rest of the evening sketching and sewing.

So I debated...should I preview what I've been doing and well, I'm too excited, so check it out below and let me know what you think.

So th original artwork in the back is a birch tree.  I drew it out of marker and charcoal.  There is something about the hard lines of marker and the softness of charcoal that appeals to me.  And you should see my hands when I'm done sketching...they are covered in marker ink and smudged with charcoal.  I judge how good my sketches are by how dirty my hands get!  My poor nails!  Also,y ou can also see my hand made lavender sachets (below too).

I used normal muslin, sequined fabric, and tulle for the fabric and stuffed them with lavender I bought at my local farmer's market and dried my self.  Here again, I'm mixing a "hard" fabric with "soft" fabric such as the tulle and sequins.  And they smell so good!

Well I'm off for the rest of the weekend.  Besides spending time with HER I bet you can guess what I'll be doing ;)!  Enjoy!

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  1. Good for what you have created and love that the sachets are in muslin. Have a great weekend!!